Saturday, January 29, 2011


During young age, if one is not taking proper care of his/her teeth, they will definitely end up with one of the following at their later age.
1. Loose all teeth due to cavity, infection or other dental diseases.
2. End up wearing a denture to cover lost teeth,
3. Use of root canal and wearing cap or crown,
4. Go for tooth implant, a very expensive alternative.
Tooth ache, a painful experience, one would have undergone at any point of time during their life. It's so irritating and fretful that one can't and won't be able to do anything until it subsides. You become so impatient that you don't feel like waiting in the traffic signal, can't eat anything or wait for the doctor in the dental clinic. It's just horrible. You just feel like getting over with it.....  after extraction...... later you realize that you lost one of your teeth for good.....
Tooth implant is the latest innovation, where a foreign tooth/teeth is implanted into the jaw bones permanently.
Kindly ensure proper care of tooth and maintain it for good health..... and for pocket also, as dental treatment is quite expensive. God Bless.
Sun, 30 Jan 2011

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  1. Take care appa, brush twice a day! and keep rinsing mouth after every meal!