Thursday, January 20, 2011


ÏNDIA INSPIRED" was the theme of the event at the prestigious institution, IIM, Bangalore on 20th Jan.  The program organized by the students body, contained talks by some distinguished personality from India. This was part of their annual program UMAAD2011.
The program supposed to start at 5p.m. eventually started at 5.30p.m. After lighting the lamp for inauguration, Prof. Rajeev Gowda, spoke of incidences by RAM SENA, which I thought was irrelevant for the occasion.  Then came the famousr Rajat Sharma from India TV. After showing some video clippings from his celebrated program - AAJ KI ADALAT - spoke about how he managed to the position of what he is today, by narrating the incidences of his childhood with gross poverty, living with many relations, and sick elders in a crammed third floor apartment, His joining ZEE TV, then the new channel, afterwards starting IndiaTV, his struggle to raise the channel rating, and the rest. His spoke in pure hindi and was quite thought provoking and was really inspiring for young IIM graduates.
The next speaker was Viren Raskina, celebrity hocky player, talking about the training and facility available and required for budding individual sportsmen. He was charming, energetic and enthusiastic, narrated about how so many from India, with limited training and supporting facilities managed to reach the international standards in various olympic games. He spoke at length about OLYMPIC QUEST. organization and training program for the various games.
Next was Nisha Susan, who shot fame after PINK CHADDI campaign, had no clue and focus on what she was speaking. She had good control of English language and oratory skills, was boring and no substance talk.
The program was to have talk and performance by the band THE THERMAL AND THE QUATER, Bangalore Rock Band, they call it. The leader, Bruce Lee Mani, Guitarist & Vocalist, spoke for while about how his thirst for music brought to his present level. Also had a low key presentation of award to the winners of music video competition,

The grand prize winner was RISHIKANTH SOMAYAJI, who put in lot of efforts using animation and video editing skills. The sad part was that the organizers did not bother or had the courtesy  to show a 4 min video to the audience. Mani with his team belted out two songs with heavy sound, which I felt was presentation of loud music and noise.
The event management needs improvement and speakers should be asked to talk to the point within the time frame. It was an evening with a difference.
Friday, 21 January

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