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Kaanooru Heggadithi is a 590 pages Kannada novel written in 1930's by celebrity KUVEMPU, (Kuppalli Venkatappa Puttappa), Jnana Peetha Award Winner, India's highest literary award,  Kaanooru is a name of place near Thirthahalli in western ghats of Karnataka and heggadithi is wife of a rich man in the locality.
Chandrayya Gowda is rich man with prestige and fame in the region, lot of land and property, big family, servants, cruel and fearsome character. Subbamma Heggaithi was his fourth wife, after the three previous wives died. Though she was from a poor background, she becomes rich man's wife and undergoes lot of hardship.
The story revolves around a generation, environment, beautiful description of nature, surroundings, customs, beliefs, prejudices, hatred, dreams of people, ambitions....... of highest and lowest echelons of society..... even the minute observations are well written........ the reader absolutely experiences the happenings.... whether it is attack by a tiger,....... division of property....... cock fight, a local game of people or Chandrayya Gowda torturing Subbamma or Seethe, daughter-in-law, servants...........drinking habits of locals...... their sufferings....are all mesmerizing effect on the reader......
Kuppalli is the place where the author's about 10 km from Thirthahalli.......we visited the place last December on our way from Sringeri....... and the big house is now converted as monument for exhibition of life and works of Kuvempu........
Sun, Jan 30, 2011

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  1. Nice, glad you enjoyed it! There is a movie based on the book, directed by Girish Karnad! Suppose that will be your next review point on how close Karnad interprets Kuvempu than you did! Good going Appz!