Sunday, January 9, 2011


I happened to travel to Bangalore from Udupi in a luxury bus, last night. The journey was hectic, tiring and  bone breaking. The ghat section road, supposed to be a highway, is pathetic, not motorable,  and in very bad condition. Hundreds of buses criss-cross the road everyday and we really have to pity the poor drivers, trying to negotiate the huge potholes, and ditches. It’s too bad for the vehicles, people travelling will get body aches……
The car owners will not dare to take the car as it will definitely  breakdown…… just a stretch of 25 kms, takes more than two hours…..
Why it is like that?? Governments will not take action, peoples representatives will not bother, people travelling will grumble and forget about it…….we are  “Sat praje” civilized citizens….
Is there a way to rectify the situation?? Crores and crores of rupees spent on the road by the central and state government for last several years……but what is the use?? Do we have the will power?? We have the ability, resources and the funds…… but it looks like not getting to the right place……
A humble request to concerned authorities to please look into the situation urgently, as a matter of priority and save the citizens from bone-braking journey through SHIRADI GHAT…
Friday....31 Dec

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