Thursday, February 24, 2011


Dr. Kota Shivarama Karanth, a great personality, a legend in his time, Jnana Peetha Prashashti Award winner, lived for 95 years, passed away on Dec 10, 1997. He lived in Saligrama, Udupi District, for last four years of his life at the residence of Ms. Malini Mallya. an ardent fan of Dr. Karanth.
Now Ms Mallya's two storied house has become a exhibition centre for display of Karnth's works, photos, and Yakshagana Centre, and an auditorium in the second floor for small functions.
First two floors have large number of displays of books, photos, Karanth's legendry literary works, his awards, honorariums, his art work and his personal items used during his live period.
Ms Malini Mallya is very possessive about the items and does lot of research on Dr. Karanth.......
Her effort to keep DR KARANTH ALIVE is very very commendable.....  
Wed, 23 Feb

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