Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's in ADA Ranga Mandir, Bangalore..... An Odissi dance school paying tribute to Great Odissi Guru, Late Kelucharan Mohapatra....... SAMSARANA........
An hour and half odissi dance program with different presentation by son-disciple-guru Ratikant Mohapatra......with pieces like Saaveri-Pallavi, Jatayu Moksh, etc etc....
Odissi is one of the famous classical Indian dances from Orissa state. The history of Odissi dance is almost two thousand years old. Odissi is a highly inspired, passionate, ecstatic and sensuous form of dance. Like most of the South Indian classical dances of India Odissi too had its origin in the Devadasitradition. The state of Orissa has a great cultural history. The rulers of this region built magnificent temples, which became the center of art and culture. It was around these temples that Odissi, one of India's scintillating dance-forms was born, nurtured and nourished.
In its present form Odissi is a well established and codified classical dance form of India. Odissi is considered a dance of love, joy and intense passion, pure, divine and human.
Thur, 07 April

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  1. This is beautiful!

    I read the auto-biography of Protima Bedi - Timepass! who herself was a disciple of Kelucharan Mohapatra!

    I would love to visit Nritya gram in Hesaragatta to see how it is like!! especially after having read the book!