Friday, April 15, 2011


Yugadi at home was observed on 15th April...... with mom keeping KANI on previous night and we all saw our faces in the mirror early in the morning...... and PAAYASA  for celebrating the festival.
Following the relative position of the sun in relation to the movement of the earth is called Souramana.  There are 27 stars on the orbit of the Sun and the Moon.  The time taken for the movement in the orbit of the Sun and the Moon to cover the distance of two and a half stars is taken as on Rashi.  accordingly there are twelve Rashi’s and the first one is Mesha.
The sun takes roughly thirteen days to cover the distance of one star.  The star on which the sun is seen is called the Mahanakshatra.  The sun takes 30 or 31 days to cover one Rashi.  At the end of it the Sun crosses over to another star.  That point of crossing is called Sankramana.  In this way the sun takes 365.25 days to cover these twelve rashis.  according  to the solar way of calculation of the Sun’s movement (in relation to the earth’s position), there are 365.25 days in a year.  The new year begins on the point when the sun cross the star Revathi to Ashwini, and the next day is considered the New Years 
Observing Soura Yugadi :
  1. Seeing auspicious things. (Kani)
  2. Taking oilbath
  3. Wearing new clothes.
  4. Reading the panchanga and phalashravna
  5. Performing pooja and offering Payasam to God
On the previous night (on the night of Samkranthi) it the custom to place before the idol of god, rice, coconuts fruits, the new panchaga, (almanac),  Kumkum and some articles of jewelery on a brass or silver plate with a mirror on it.  It is called Kani.
People get up early at deem on the new years day, after morning ablutions, they go to the pooja room and look at the things place on the plate and see their faces in the mirror.  Then put a kumkum tilakam on their foreheads and take the blessings of mother, father, and other elders at home.
After normal bath, people put on new clothes and either read or listen to the special features of the year specified in the panchanga.  Then perform pooja offering payasam to the lord and have meals with family members.  It is a custom to use the new products of the year such as cashew, sweet gourd, potherb,  cucumber and others.
Fri, 15th April

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