Monday, May 9, 2011


Srikanth, brother's son passed away at the age of 46 years in 2004. a talented, egoistic individual.  But very much disturbed in life with so much misconceptions and beliefs. Abhilasha, a gentle and also talented wife and two children..... Anish and Shama.....
In memory of late husband, Abhilasha organizes SANGEETHA MAALIKE, a music program,  giving opportunity for young and upcoming artists.
Shruthi Bode and her team presented an excellent vocal music with accompaniment of harmonium and tabla. Singing was in UTTARADI style..... and she also sang some melodious bhajans.
There was also a presentation of RANGA GEETHEGALU by Samudaya Kundapura.

The venue was outside Our Birthi House....... under the natural shades of trees. It was an well organized and presented program.

Sat, May 7,

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  1. He was my teacher. I am what today because of him.