Friday, September 2, 2011


Mandya is known as SUGAR CITY and lots of farmers in the district grow sugar cane. The weather and the soil is quite conducive for growing the same. The Government encourages the farmers to grow more and establish agro-based rural industry of making jaggery (Bella).

One such place we visited on our way back from Melukote. The process is simple. The farm produce sugarcane is brought from the farm, crushed and sugarcane juice goes into a huge tank. This boiled in an oven, not using gas, but using waste sugar cane skin, after drying.

In the background, Sugar cane skin pile (Raashi)

A man removes dirt from the boiling juice and then the hot juice is poured into buckets, allowed to cool. When the juice solidifies, bucket is removed, giving you huge rock-like Jaggery.

Jaggery of 10 Kg each...
Friday 2nd Sept


  1. The jaggery looks coooL!

    What is to happen to Brahmavar sugar factory?

  2. It was a factory, closed long time ago.....poor management.....