Friday, October 28, 2011


DEEPAVALI...... Festival of lights celebrated throughout India in a big way...... crores of rupees are spent on crackers or patakhis...... 

it's time for families get-together..... sweets, good food and thanking God.... for keeping everyone happy, healthy and safe.......

It is celebrated on the before and next day of amavasya(No moon day) as NARAKA CHATURDASHI (before no-moon day) resembling Satyabhama's victory over Narakasura and as Balipadyami the first day of Kaarthika masa; inviting the greatest emperor of times Balichakravarthi to each and everybody's homes.

The entire house is cleaned and new clothes are purchased for the entire family which is followed by lighting of oil lamps around the house and bursting firecrackers. The tradition in kannada families is that all members gather together for the three days celebration. First day, after oil bath in early morning, with new clothes they'll start with bursting crackers, followed by lakshmi mahaapooje on amavaasye (no-moon day) and then on third day decorating the whole house and especially entrance with flowers and floor decoration to invite Bali to their homes; a special fort-entrance kind of thing is made on the entrances of every home which is made out of cow-dung(gOmaya) and sandalwood(siri-chandana) which both have a high divine reverence in kannada tradition. Also fire-camps are kindled on both naraka chaturdashi and balipadyami days of deepavali; where in respective community people's gathering is significant and huge firework bursting ceremony happens.

The celebration of Diwali is marked by the lighting of innumerable lamps in every courtyard and the bursting of crackers. Sweetmeals, new clothes and spirit is there as in other festivals. The time for rejoicing is mainly early morning and late night. These hours of darkness bordering the waking hours are preferred as lights and crackers are the highlights of the festivities and these need darkness to have their illuminating effect. Hence people rise early and go late to sleep.
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