Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's two days function...... Wed, 5th evening and Thu, 6th Oct.... main celebration.....
First day evening pooja program started at 6.30p.m. with Raghavendra Thirthahalli being the main priest.... Vaastu Homa, for cleansing the premises, things used in building the house and for the well being of people staying in the house. This followed by vaastu bali, .... for protection of evil forces from all directions.  Priest Ravish took charge of Sudarshana Homa, also for long life, good health, prosperity.

Lots of smoke was produced from two homas, which apparently cleansing the air, atmosphere and the whole building.

There were about 40 people for upahaara with rava idli, chatni,  sweets, avalakki mosaru... etc....
Returned to Marthahalli by 11 pm.

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