Saturday, December 17, 2011

ದಾಟು - ಎಸ್.ಎಲ್.ಬೈರಪ್ಪ

The reader gets an impression that S L Bhyrappa tries establish the fact that there is always some super power, one can call it ALMIGHTY GOD, that controls the events in the universe.  When people go against the tradition, culture, belief, calling themselves as progressives, unnatural behaviour of people take place, resulting in the destruction of property and living things.
The novel delicately touches upon the sensitivity of caste system and the related happening in rural India. When the system has been moving on for years together, some so called rational thinking people tries to go against the wind, events happen against the society. 
The characters Satyabhama, Srinivasa, Mohandasa, Venkatesha, Meera, Bettayya, Melegiri Gowda are superbly interlinked and powerful in their own way. 
S L Bhyrappa has the excellent skill of narrating the imaginary events beautifully. 
Daatu (The Crossing Over) - Set predominantly in rural India, this gripping, passionate tale centres on Satyabhama, daughter of a Brahmin priest. When the young woman chooses to follow her own impulses rather than submit to rules of caste, which prevent her marrying the man she loves, she finds the path a cruel one. Packed with vivid descriptions of Indian life, this book, from one of India's most distinguished novelists, not only indicts an oppressive and unjust caste-system but offers a thrilling account of the voyage of self-discovery undertaken by one steadfast and courageous woman.
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