Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Mr.Neville De Noronha, Principal of Our Own High School, Dubai, with whom I worked for about six months before I was relocated to Bangalore in June 2010. The man I saw him as highly energetic, ambitious, enthusiastic and hard working.

Noronha at Somayaji's farewell

Noronha was in Bangalore last Tuesday for interviewing teachers. Surprisingly, he invited me and my wife to join him lunch the next day. As Nalini was busy, I only joined and spent good one hour, having lunch and talking about the school, his family, nostalgia and other things.
Unfortunately, he had massive heart attack the next day, admitted in the Fortis hospital in Bangalore. He relapsed into coma soon and after four days, i.e. Monday evening 12th Dec, at 5.30pm, when I went to the hospital for visit, he was as declared no more.
The event is unforgettable as I could see life is so fragile and uncertain......
My God rest his soul in perfect peace......
Tue, 13th Dec


  1. May his soul rest in peace. I remember meeting him while we were in Dubai. He was a very cheerful person. May God give his family more strength in necessary times.

  2. I was his student at St.Xavier's Kolkata in the year 1986.It has he who had instilled in me the passion for Maths.A vibrant and energetic personality that he was, it is difficult to believe that he is no more.May his soul rest in peace.