Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sunday, Jan 8, 2012
Temple entrance
Ghati Sri Subramanya Temple is one of the most popular temples amongst the hundreds that are scattered in and around Bangalore. People flock in thousands to this temple and the presiding deity, Sri Subramanya.. It is located near Doddaballapur in Bangalore Rural district, about 60 km away from Bangalore city, serving as a perfect getaway for the weekend.
It is an ancient temple, built in Dravidian tradition, similar to many other temples around Bangalore and Mysore, including the Nanjundeshwara temple in Nanjangud, and the famous Chamundeswari temple atop the Chamundi hills. As it is a fairly old temple, with the presiding deities of both Lord Subramanya and Lord Lakshmi Narasimha, it attracts the devotees of both deities.
Purchasing vegetables on the way back
 It was a day's trip with Rishi, Nalini's sister Vijaya, her daughter Supriya and her friend. Back by 5 pm.


  1. Oh my god, after staying awake so late the previous night, you did this trip!! That is awesome :)

    1. That is amma..we left only after 11:30 came back around 5 and had some dosas in Sahakaara nagara...trip was nice..every one enjoyed it very much..