Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Jan 6, 2012
It was on Jan 6, 1982, when we were in Yola, Nigeria, in the Government Hospital, Ravi was born. Dr Mohapatra was surgeon attending and he was our family friend. But Nalini had to struggle for whole night with labour pain, and in the morning doctor performed sis operation and the boy was born.

It is now 30 years and went through so many years of good life at different places and finally, we are back in India at Bangalore, living in a new house. Ravi is now married to Vidya, and they live in Oxford and are here on holidays.
With a sense of happiness and joy, it was a day to celebrate, mom gave head oil massage, made some nice mysore paak, and we all went for a Kannada movie (1,2,3 Vishnuvardhana) in the afternoon and in the night, get together at 24th Main restaurant in J P Nagara.

Shubha, Raghu, Lahari, Prasads and Bidarahallis were there.
Cake cutting was there and some good food.

Happy Birth Day Ravian......

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