Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Jomlu teertha is a small water fall created by River Seethanadi. It is around 35km from Udupi and 10km from Hebri. Teertha means holy water in kannada.
Water falls from a small height of 10 metres and you can take a nice bath.
Ideal picnic spot and a weekend gateway from Udupi.There are buses to Hebri from Udupi and from there you need to take a private vehicle.No food is available on the spot and you definitely need to carry some food and water.We spent a whole day there took bath,had lunch spent time in water till 5pm and returned to Birthi, Salikeri.
We were about ten people..... Nalini, Shubha, Abhilasha, Anisha, Shama, Vibha, Shshank, Kartik, Geetha Narayan and Ajay...... There was food brought from home.... Chapathi, palya, Puliyogare, mosaranna and sweets....... Out from water only to eat food and all were back in the water.....

The place will be closed from June to January as the place will be full of water and not reachable,,,,
Nice and beautiful place for a day's outing.....

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