Tuesday, May 8, 2012


In memory of Late Srikanth Somayaji, music program was organized by Smt. Abhilasha at Birthi, Salikeri. This year, the same is arranged on May 5, with a Carnatic Music Concert by Smt. Chetana Acharya from Udupi. She was accompanied by Smt. Vasanthi Rama Bhat on Violin, and mridangam and morching by other two artists.
The concert was for more than two hours and Chetana's voice was excellent and singing was superb. She sang classical songs and  songs composed by Srikanth Somayaji.

Smt Vasanthi Rama Bhat was honored with a shawl, fruits and a token of appreciation. She is74 years and well composed on stage with her violin, and is really appreciable.
Mrs Abhilasha proposed vote of thanks for the artists and to the music lovers who attended the concert.
 There was light refreshments served to all and indeed it was a fine tribute to Late Srikanth.

May 8, 2012

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