Monday, July 2, 2012


Ramachandra Udupa, from Mandarthi has been a long time friend, before his marriage. When he came to Dubai in 1996, he stayed in the same house in Satwa, Dubai. 
Since that time he had been close friend and when he got married in 1999 and his wife Rajani arrived in Dubai, they became close family friend.
We went together to number of outings, picnics and visits to many places including Muscat. We also visited his native place Mandarthi few times.
He with his family..... wife Rajani, daughter Ruchira, 12 yrs, son Raghavendra 3+yrs were in Bangalore on visit and spent a night at Birthi Mane here.
Son Raghu is very naughty and intelligent...... and is a pleasure to pass time.......
We are happy about his short visit......
Thursday, 28th June 2012

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