Sunday, September 30, 2012


It was the first program organized for UCMAS Abacus classes began in July 2012. After three months of weekly classes for nine children, they have successfully completed their first level. A function was planned in the spacious car garage of BIRTHI MANE, at Bengaluru on Saturday 29th September 2012.
Mr Ramananda Rao, Marketing Manager, Regional Office, UCMAS INDIA, Bengaluru, was invited as the Chief Guest and was requested to distribute the certificates to First level graduates.
Parents were also invited. About 50 chairs was rented, screen at the backdrop and the garage looked like a auditorium. Chief guest, parents and children all arrived and the program began at 5.30pm.
Mrs Nalini Somayaji, Course Instructor was the compere, invited the chief guest to dias along with the franchisee B Jayarama Somayaji.  Sanjana, a sixth grader, sang a melodious bhajan as invocation.
Mr Somayaji welcomed the chief guest, parents and all children in his usual style and briefly spoke about the eight level Abacus mental arithmetic program, which will improve their arithmetic skills, concentration, memory, speed. Few children spoke about their experiences of learning abacus. Mrs. Somayaji, who has been trained as Course Instructor, also shared her experiences. Though she was apprehensive in the beginning, she felt it was really good and children enjoyed learning abacus.
Certificates were given to the franchisee, course instructor and the students who successfully completed their first level course.
Chief guest in his address, spoke about the UCMAS ABACUS, right-left brain development and the other benefits to the children while learning abacus.
Sanjana rendered another melodious song to entertain the audience. After the vote of thanks by Mrs Somayaji, program concluded with light refreshments.
Everyone appreciated the well organized, short and crisp program,
Saturday, 29th September 2012


  1. Simply simply superb! Very well done Appa and Amma.

    1. Thanks Ravian.....It was a combined effort......