Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It's Ganesha Festival time...... In Bengaluru, many streets install Ganesha idols in various sizes and perform pooja, cultural program and other related activities. It's more of social gathering and the ambiance of festival.
You would see many streets are blocked with shamiyana for Ganesha idols and streets decorated with flickering lights, loud music and other programs.
One such venue was Basavanagudi, where there is already a Dodda Ganesha, where thousands of people lined up for Ganesha darshan and nearby Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, a huge Ganesha idol made from sand on the ground is attracting lot of people. Also in the same pendal, a huge, 6000Kg laddu is made from the normal ingradients, is kept for display. It's no doubt one of a creative ideas and attracting lot of people and with of course, sponsors and donation.

Nearby Acharya Pathashala Playground, it's really festival atmosphere. Huge stage for performing artists, well decorated and lighted Ganesha idol, many sponsors promoting their goods including Vodafone, Real estate people and silk sarees. main attraction was ADIGAS eating outlets with all kinds of cuisines, juices, tea and coffee etc......
The place is real JAATRE (festival) in the sense, and a leading vocalist K J Yesudas was to perform later in the evening, for which crowds beginning to appear.

We left ahead of the program and it is really master arrangements of the organizers.

Bengaluru, Wednesday 19 Sept 2012

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