Friday, September 21, 2012


At Udupi, on the way to airport, Oct 1971
It was October 1971, after a long wait was able to secure visa for African country, Sierra Leone, to teaching appointment at Methodist Girls High School, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
It was a big news in the village, Jayarama is going to Africa....... The whole family was ready to send me off to Mangalore airport. The ambassodor car, which my brother B P Somayaji acquired recently all set to carry us to the airport.
Though some more relations wanted to come to airport, the car could not take anymore people. Finally, Father,Venkatramana Somayaji,(no more) elder brother Seetharama Somayaji, another brother Padmanabha Somayaji,(no more) who was Development Officer, LIC of India at that time, his wife Leela Somayaji, son Srikanth Somayaji (no more), daughter Shobha (who is now Principal, CEO Hongirana School of Excellence, Sagar) and sister's son Suresh Kumar (who is now CEO, Antares Systems, Bangalore) accompanied to airport.
After visiting Kateel temple on the way to Bajpe airport, reached airport and waited in the lounge. The photo was taken at Gurukrupa Studio at Udupi.
In the airport lounge, ordered for coffee, costing Rs 25/- at that time. My father, old timer, could not gulp it as he did not drink any coffee costing more that Rs2/-
However, after some time, Indian Airlines flight to Bombay arrived and I had to leave all those who accompanied and said bye-bye....... boarded the plane to go to foreign destination........
It's almost 41 years since I left for a foreign land....... and now back at Bangalore..... Life moves on......
Saturday, 22nd September 2012

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