Thursday, October 11, 2012


House terrace is a unique and individual's place where one can use for lot of conveniences.

1. Water Tank...... a must and necessity for daily consumption of water, drinking, washing, cooking, bathing and for many other things. Storage place for water is a must for every house, which you will see in almost all houses.
Solar Heater
2. Solar Heater...... For hot water bath in the bathroom, a solar water heater is installed in most of the houses. It is using solar energy and saves electricity also.
Stone for washing cloths
3. Cloth washing stone..... another facility for especially Indian ladies, where they enjoy washing clothes on a stone, which cleans much better than washing machines. One has to have interest and love for doing the same.
Terrace Garden
4. Terrace Garden...... Be it for flowers or vegetables or fruits, lot of things can be grown in flower pots. Keen interest and aptitude, little knowledge of gardening is preferable. It's really pleasure to see these plants grow every morning and get great satisfaction while watering them.
Dish Antenna
5. Dish antenna .... for viewing Television channels, a  Dish antenna is installed in most of the houses, except for those who are using cable service. It's normally installed in the direction of TV towers which send signals.
Life is full of challenges.
All depends on how one faces it.

Thursday, 11 Oct. 2012


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