Monday, October 29, 2012


Usha Suresh, Long time family friend from Dubai days......Very close family friend, used to be together on numerous occasion, may be it birth day party, new year get-together, picnic or simply outings..... they are very adjustable family...... Occasion when they went out of way to be with us when:
Rishi was born...... Usha used to come home and give bath to new born baby for more than 15 days.....

When we once landed in Mumbai early morning from Dubai,  for our vacation, Usha came with some chapattis and palya to airport to take care of us.......
They have two children, Ajith married to Arti, having a lovely 4-yr daughter, Ariya, and daughter Archana, married to Mahesh, who recently secured doctorate degree. They all live in Canada, Ajith in Toronto and Archana in Montreal.

Suresh had some health issues and returned from Abudhabi after surgery and now living in Mysore.
It was quite a nostalgia time when they spent couple of days at Birthi Mane, with Ajith family who was on holidays from Canada.......

Thursday, 18 Oct 2012

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