Friday, November 30, 2012


It was wedding of the affluent.......Venue was celebrated Banaglore Palace....... prestigious place.... and the hosts were parents of Suvidha, Industrialist Venkatesh, marrying Amogh, son of S G Hegde and Bhagya.
Mr Hegde is IAS officer in Govt. of Karnataka, at present Registrar of Co-operatives. Bhagya is daughter of  my Balekudru Uncle, Govinda Kedlaya.
We were for wedding time, 12.00 noon with lot of people, well decorated stage, priest chanting mantra, live music and a huge hall well decorated to witness the wedding. Grand lunch was served at 12.45 and was over by 1.30pm..... Prabhakar and Venkatakrishna Kedilayas with family were there, so also Dinesh-Rekha and sister Nagaveni.
Evening was reception and we reached only after 8.30pm and pomp and pageantry, live music of flute orchestra, people lining up for wishing the married couple, big-wigs from the Government and Industry....
Buffet food of all sorts...... north, south, chat, soup, dosa, paratha, sweets, icecreams and paan......
It was grand Hi-Fi wedding......
Thursday, 29 Nov. 2012 


  1. Woow! That is cool - must have been more enjoyable as Birthi Mane is relatively close to the palace...

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