Sunday, December 16, 2012


Dr Siddalinga Pattanashetty speaking
BENGALURU SAHITYOTSAVA 2012 was organised as a part of Book Festival at Palace Grounds, Exhibition Centre from 14th Dec - 16 Dec 2012.
Kannada Literary people (Saahitigalu) with political inclinations like Dr U R Ananthmoorthy, Dr Chandra Shekar Kambara, both are Jnana Peeth Award winners, and Prof. G. Venkatasubaih, B A Vivek Rai, Dr Kamala Hampana were among the few attending the program.
On Saturday, 15th Dec. we happened to visit the exhibition centre, and a discussion (Ghosti) was going on the stage with few a audience seated. Dr Siddalinga Pattanashetty was the speaker was talking about how important was the Language Hindi, to spread the awareness of Kannada writers in other parts of India and abroad. Dr. Kamala Hampana was arguing that central government is making the non-hindi speaking states, forcefully learn Hindi which is unfair. Though all the Indian languages are national Languages, Hindi is used a "Link language".
However, the discussion was not very lively and I walked out from the venue.
Saturday, 15th Dec. 2012

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