Saturday, February 23, 2013


CHANDIKA HOMA was performed by Shubha-Raghavendra Bhat at Mahishamardini Temple at Neelavara on Friday, 22nd February 2013. It was also an occasion for all relatives to come together and pray for individuals and the family. 
So we made a trip to ooru on 21st night in Durgamba bus to Udupi and reached in the morning, took the car from Udyavara, went to Birthi house at Salekeri to perform pooja to home God, then reached Neelavara Temple, a distance of about 12 km.
Chandika Yaaga was in progress, and we joined the family and was present for the poornahuthi. Grand banana leaf lunch followed. 
We returned to Bangalore, the same night by Durgamba Bus. The night is very comfortable.

Chandi is the Mother of all devatas. in markandeya purana Bhagavan Vedavyasa explained about Goddess Chandika in 13 chapters included 700 shlokas called "Chandee Saptashatee". Its done for Keerthi Labha (fame), shathru nasha (protection from enemies), vidhya vruddhi (improvement in studies), Improvement in business and to win the court cases.Procedure: Ten Chandi Saptha Shathi parayanas should be done before the homa.  Porridge (made of Rice, milk, Jaggery and sesame) is offered. or 10 different materials offered by chanting 700 Mantras of Chandee Saptashatee. Navagraha homa also be done before this homa. Silk saree, mangalyam, mangala dravyas turmeric powder, Kumkum, fruits, flowers and other mangala drvyas offered at the time of “Poornahuthi homa. Durga saptha shathi, devee sooktham, ratree sooktham durga sooktham Shree sooktham and other chandee related mantras recited during the homa. Suvasini pooja, Kannika pooja and Dampathi pooja are also done at the end of the homa.
Friday, 22nd Feb 2013

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