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It's the annual festival of SHRI BRAHMALINGA VEERABHADRA DURGA PARAMESHWARI TEMPLE at Salekeri , Varambally Village, Udupi District, Karnataka.
Deity in Pallaki during the procession
It is five day celebrations with two important days called GENDA and DHAKKE BALI.
Keelu kudure
The temple is mainly worshiped by Shettigars, (Padmashali) weaving community, and the others, Brahmins, Bunt community supporting it. However, over the years, the temple has seen remarkable changes in structures and outlook, with lot of community members in good financial position in their professions and supporting the temple renovations and modernization.
Thatti Raya
Lots of community members who migrated to other places and cities in search of jobs or business do come to Salekeri during the festival and meet and spend time with childhood friends. There has been bid increase in the people participating in the festival with the result lots of shops do come up and establish stalls and do a brisk business.
The second day, there is CHANDIKA HOMA in the morning followed by lunch and in the evening, there is carnival and procession, to a distance of about half a kilometre to a place caled BADA SALEKERI. God's idol is carried in PALLAKI with various entertaining items following. It's pleasure to see how nicely people enjoying.
Burning oil soaked panji (Towel) 
One of the seva by the community members is to present a locally woven cotton towel to God. This towel is burnt in front of God's procession after soaking it in the oil.
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