Monday, February 18, 2013


Grand wedding with pomp and pageantry is still taking place in rural (semi-urban) areas. It was one such wedding we attended last week at Manoor, Kota, of Udupi District of former Dakshina Kannada.
The host, Madhusudan Bairy, a Brahmin local strong man with powerful contacts, and  people support, organized wedding for his third Daughter at his spacious residence.
Right from the entrance from the main road, there was smell of big wedding taking place, with arch banner of   Asha weds Ramesh, paved, cemented road to wedding hall, parking area and meals area.                                                                                                                                                      
Traditional storage place for rice (Tiri)

Decorated kaalu deepa
Wedding mantap was superbly decorated with traditional architecture and locally available resources like whole coconuts, aracnuts, and lot more. It was pleasure to see and lot of man-hours spent on beautifying the place,

Lamp lighted in a decorated kaalu deepa  (Deepada kamba) with floral decoration with coloured powder.

For ladies, it is time to show off their recently bought silk sarees and gold ornaments and discuss the price range.
Ramesh-Asha after exchanging garlands

The girl was carried by her uncle to the wedding mantap where the boy is waiting, and they exchange garlands with elders blessing them with "aksahthe kaalu" and purohits chanting mantra for their bright future and prosperity.

Remaining procedure follows, Kanya daana, mangala sutra dhaarane, Sapta padi..... etc.

Guests are busy with lost contacts established, people who are not seen for a long time meet each other........
The function followed by grand lunch served on banana leaf on table and chair, with so many courses and tasty dishes, sweets. Wedding gifts/mementos for all present

Friday, 15th Feb 2013

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