Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Jose, Balakrishnan, Dr Bhagvan, K Gopal
Functions are occasions to meet friends and acquaintances and catch up with lost contacts. It was such an occasion at Chennai on 18th March, at the Wedding of Umakanth's daughter Anupama.
Premakka, Vatsala, Vidya Neelakanthan & Priya
During my Nigeria days in the 1980's, where I used work in Gombe, Yola, Numan of Nigeria, anyone from India or Srilanka used to be close friends. Those were the days of no mobiles, laptops or computers. Contacts were only through visits. Towns were far apart (Gombe to Yola 250 kms) and still used to meet OUR people. Umakanth used to be the manager for Best & Crompton Company putting up power lines at different parts of Nigeria.
Sundaresan and Neelakanthan
So met K Gopal, Balakrishnan, Jose, Neelakanthans from Best & Crompton and Sundersean family at Chennai. It was  a grand re-union.
Monday, 18th March

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