Sunday, April 21, 2013


The term “Ugadi” has its origin in the Sanskrit word “Yugadi”, that means ‘starting of a new Yuga or period’. It is the beginning of VIJAYA NAMA SAMVATSARA. This traditional festival is usually celebrated in the second half of March or in early April. People from all over Karnataka celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm and gaiety.
Ugadi marks a change in the lunar orbit as well as the beginning of the new Hindu lunar /solar calendar. It also heralds the advent of spring. Mother Nature awakes from her deep slumber to give birth to new plants and cover earth in a blanket of green. As spring accompanies new life on earth, this festival of New Year accompanies a feeling of joy, growth and prosperity. The nine day long spring festival of Vasanta Navratri begins on this day and concludes on Ramnavami.(19 April 2013) 
All the members of the family gather and pray together and seek blessings from the Almighty during Ugadi celebrations. It was on Sunday 21st April, we had get-together in Bengaluru Birthi Mane. 
We had elder brother Seetharama Somayaji, Senior member of the family and his wife, Sunanda, his daughters Usha, Sandhya and their husbands Suresh and Sadaram,  Dinesh Varambally his wife Rekha, daughter Samhitha,  another brother B P Somayaji's daughter Shyla and her husband Prof Uday Kumar and children, Anagha and Adithi, and sisters's grand children, Adarsh and Niranjan and in absentia, daughter Shubha, in-law Raghu and Lahari, and son Ravi and his wife Vidya in UK...... Food, as is the normal trend in all festivals, occupies an important place in this festival too. Special dishes are prepared and enjoyed by the people to mark the festival.
Special grand lunch was prepared by madam of the house  Nalini Somayaji, with oats luddu and Badam burfi as sweets. Every one had good times, Sadaram had good sleep after lunch, Suresh and youngsters enjoyed game of JENGA. where as ladies had their usual topics for discussion.
Monday, 22nd April 2013