Thursday, May 23, 2013


It is very diffucult with fixed mindset people to change their opinion with changing events. We can say that  BJP has lost the elections, rather than congress had won. But they had only 2% increase in their vote share. It is also a fact that people were fed of BJP infighting and corruption, not that congress was their alternative, not the choice.. However, as the saying goes, "fighting between two people is the gain for the third person."
People are so short sighted that they do not see corruption taking place at the centre, with UPA Govt is completely controlled by the CONGRESS HIGH COMMAND. Any statement of the state congress MLA has to be vetted by the HIGH COMMAND....... MLA's going to Delhi and waiting for days to see the AICC President or Vice President...... to get a position in the Government.......Why not elected MLA's select leader of Congress Parliamentary Board  who will be the CM?? This High Command culture is too authoritarian and for selfish means. One may not be surprised if congress has manipulated Election Commission, as they have done for CBI.
UPA Government's corruption and black money is known only to small percentage of people,  not the voters in the rural areas. They are happy to receive Rs 1000 or Rs 500 for a vote. It is true also that Congress is a rich party and spent huge sums of money for election.
Even the appointment of ministers in Karnataka Governement is dicttated by the High Command, as can be seen by the appointment of K J George, non-kannadiga as Home Minister, to protect the minorities??
Some of the Government's policies are already becoming clear as,
1. Withdrawal of law agaiinst cow-slaughter,
2. Law to change the society structure to bring lower caste people in the place of upper caste, in the name of social justice
3. Taking over age old temples and religious mutts.
4. After almost 60 years of congress rule in the country, we are still talking about the basic amenities like water, roads, education and health for rural masses.

But Sanathana Dhrama is very very old and strong, it has withstood several onslaughts from muslim rulers and christian missionaries. It can not be disturbed by cheap politicians, who are only looking at vote bank, caste and creed.

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