Sunday, May 5, 2013


Today, 5th May 2013, Sunday, Karnataka State Legislative Assembly Elections.... It's once in five year exercise if the government survives......Voting is the right of every citizen of the country. Unfortunately, lately politics and politicians have made the system so bad that elite, educated and well meaning people do not seem to have any meaning ....... as the majority of uneducated rural area masses decide the result. People vote on the basis of caste, religion and affinity.  Forming a government is difficult as no single party comes to majority. Politicians also look for such a situations so that in a coalition government, they play a key role.

It;s Byatarayanapura Assembly Constituency and Krishna Byre Gowda of Congress is sitting MLA.
The venue of the voting place was Kenneth George English School, nearby in Bhuvaneshwari Nagar. There were 16 contestants with Krishna Byre Gowda from Congress party, A Ravi from BJP and Hanumanthe Gowda from JDS.
It was a peaceful and short exercise as there was not a big crowd. Voter's card was checked and a slip was given. Indelible ink was placed on one finger. Electronic Voting Machine had 16 names with their symbol. When the green button against the name is pressed one votes for that person. That's the end of voting.
Hope there will be reasonable and definite mandate from the people for a stable government.
Sunday May 5, 2013

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