Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Close relation, Subramanya Rao (Subbu), invited us for the engagement of his son..... and we witnessed the ocassion at Bangalore on 3rd May 2013. Again he and his wife visited us with the invitation for son's wedding, being held at Mangalore on 31st May 2013.
So we planned for a visit to ooru attend the weddings and other functions, left in the night bus to mangalore on 30th May. Went to another relation Ramesh-Shubhashree's house at Landlinks, Konchadi, early in the morning, as the bus reached there at 5 am.
We had bath and breakfast, and Ramesh dropped at the wedding hall at 11am. the host, Subbu Bhat was very happy that we attended and we were honoured with saree, pant & shirt pieces.

In the evening. we came to our ancestral birthi house, Salekeri  near Brahmavar and stayed there.

We also attended another wedding at Saraswathi Kalyana Mantap at Koteshwar on 3rd June 2013. That was wedding of Santhosh and Pradyumna. As usual, we had grand maduve Oota and left from the place.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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