Saturday, August 17, 2013


Located 3 km from Kolar, Antharagange, a sacred stream, that pours sweet water from the mouth of a bull. This scenic spot, known as Shatha Shringa Parvatha, abounds in rocks of many shapes and rare flora and fauna. The hill top resembling a snakehood- (Havina Hede), gives a bird’s eye view of seven towns. It is accessible from two routes, steep steps on one side and a motorable route on the other. The granite temple of Neelakanteshwara, at the foothills, is an attraction.

This place is also a great picnic spot. On top of the hill there is a huge plateau. Antargange, a perennial spring on the east of the hills has become a popular tourist destination.
It is in the morning 10am we left from Habbal, Bangalore and reached Kolar by 11.30am, driving on a good road. After inquiring with people at the entrance of Kolar, we reached the foot of hills and parked the car. Walking up the steps, about 80-90 steps, we are greeted by lots of monkeys, large, small, mother monkeys with babies .......

On the top, there is a tank which gets water from sacred stream, sweet water and a small Vishwanatha temple.
Behind the temple one can go for rock climbing and trekking........
Coming down the hills is easy affair.
Nice place for picnic and religious visit.
Saturday, August 17, 2013

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