Saturday, October 26, 2013


With an intention going on a same day trip from Delhi to Agra-Mathura-Vrindavan, Ravi booked for two seats on Delhi sightseeing tourist bus on Thursday, 17th Oct. With full enthusiasm and excitment we got ready early and reached Patel Chowk by Metro at 7 am.
The tourist bus came around 7.30am and after picking other tourists, left Delhi around 9am.
The driver stopped the bus at on hotel at Panwel, and the place was so crowded. The people were just screaming and shouting for nothing. Ate some some idli and vada and the bus left after half an hour.
After about an hour, bus stopped on the highway, due to tanker accident and afterwards it took a detour, going along the village road, on and on and on....... The driver didn't stop for lunch and eventually reached Agra city to get into traffic at 7 pm. Then only he realized that Taj Mahal will be closed for visitors by 6pm. He took a U-turn, without going towards Taj Mahal, and imagine the disappointment of tourists. 
The driver was forced to stop for food at 8pm and all were hungry. When we reached Mathura, It was 9.30pm and gate to the temple was closed and we could only drink lassi on the roadside for Rs20/- Further we reached Vrindavan at 10.30pm and some guide calling himself Maharaj, started giving lecture took the tourists in a gulli to a small building, where he asked people to pray and said we are all blessed for being in Vrindavan.
Eventually, the bus left at 11.30pm and stopped somewhere in a Dhaba for food and reached Delhi Patel Chowk at 3.30am.
Metro was closed, no taxi and no auto....... called Ravian..... he got up from his sleep and drove for an hour and reached us and so we could reach Gurgaon.
So sad, after spending money, energy and time..... it was a waste of one day's trip.
Sunday, Oct 27, 2013

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