Tuesday, October 22, 2013


View from the plane
It's wonderful to go for a planned tour and naturally we thought of going to Delhi as Ravi-Vidya recently shifted and working there. So we made a program ten days and booked a flight in JetKonnect for Friday 11 Oct 2013. It was morning flight at 9.50am and the weather was pleasant and we (myself and wife Nalini) were dropped by Rishi at Bangalore International Airport at Devanahalli. 
It was a pleasant feeling as we didn't travel by air for more than three years, after we were re-located at Bangalore from Dubai, that was in July 2010.
On board JetKonnect
The flight was on schedule and took 2hrs and 35min to reach Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3, New Delhi. Ravi and Vidya were there at the airport to receive and take us to their apartment at Gurgaon. It took 50 min by his new car Hyundai Verna to reach his Flat No. 1202, Tower 8, Vipul Greens, Sector 48, GURGAON.
New Delhi International Airport
It was a great feeling as one son (Rishi) dropped us at Bangalore airport and the elder son (Ravi) was at New Delhi airport to receive us.
Remembered about Dec 2003 when I was travelling alone from Dubai, wife Nalini dropped me Dubai International airport and daughter Shubha was at Bangalore airport to receive me.
23 Oct 2013, Wednesday

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