Thursday, October 24, 2013


Paramjeet Singh Kalra (Param) is an old friend, We joined together as teachers at Our Own English High School, Dubai in Sept 1986 and living together sharing the same house. He was 10 years younger to me and had high ambitions and was a Sardarji and was from Dehradun. I used to get on well with him and he used to like me. He got married in 1989 and his new wife was a good family friend. However, as his father passed away in 1991, he decided leave Our Own, and returned to Dehradun in 1992 to take care of his mother.
Since that time I had no contact or communication and I didn't have his address or contact number. However, Ravi Google searched to find out, he is in Guru Nanak Academy in Dehradun as head of the school. 
Since we were passing through Dehradun to go to Mussouri, on Sunday Oct.13, 2013, I thought we will look for him and meet him. After a search for an hour in Dehardun City, we found the school, met the Admin. officer, who in turn took us to his house. 
He is P S Kalra, Prncipal of Guru Nanak Academy, distiguished himself as a Principal.
He and his wife was so thrilled and surprised, that he didn't know what to do. We all had nice food in his house, talked nostalgia, and he gave gifts to all of us. He followed us up to the road to Mussouri and we said Bye and he promised to visit us in Bangalore.
Friday, 25 Oct.2013

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  1. This was the treasure hunt of the trip. Without noting down a proper address and without proper directions, we managed to find one man in a city of population 5 lakh people.

    This was certainly a highlight!