Thursday, November 14, 2013


 Temple Goravanahalli is located in Koratagere Taluk of Tumkur district. It is said that Abbayya, a poor man was blessed to get the idol of Mahalakshmi. After worshipping Mahalakshmi at his home, Abbayya became rich. He started doing charity work and his home earned the tag ‘Lakshmi Nivasa’. Later Abbayya’s brother Thotadappa joined Abbayya in his charity work. After the death of Abbayya, Thotadappa was performing poojas to the Goddess. One day in his dreams, Mahalakshmi asked him to build a shrine for Her. So, Thotadappa built a shrine for Mahalakshmi. After Thotadappa, Chowdayya was performing poojas. But from the year 1910 the temple was in a neglected state. 

      Goravanahalli Shree Mahalakshmi Temple Main Entrance, In the year 1925, Kamalamma on arriving at Goravanahalli, saw the neglected state of the temple. She started performing the poojas for the Goddess. Then again after a year temple was in a neglected state, when she left the place. But then in 1952, Kamalamma was back in Goravanahalli and settled there. After this regular poojas were performed by Kamalamma. People wait in queue for the darshana of Shree Mahalakshmi. In due time, temple attained fame by word of mouth. Tuesdays and Fridays are considered very auspicious here and lot of people visit the temple in these days of the week. Lakshadeepotsava is one of the revered religious programmes here in Karthika maasa.

On Sunday 10th November 2013, we went for trip to Siddara Betta and on our way back at 7 pm, visited the Mahalakshmi Temple at Goravanahalli. The place was quiet, not much of crowd, darshan was quick and also we had the chance to have prasada in form of food (anna sambar), without much hassle.
It was a pleasant surprise and blessings from the Goddess. The place has lots of shops for buying festival items.
15th Nov 2013 

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