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Siddara Betta is one of the visited places near Madhugiri and  is a rocky hill situated in Tumkur districtThe place lies at a distance of about 100 kms from Bangalore. The place is mainly known for a temple and a few caves located at the top of the hill.
Nalini at the foot of the Betta
There is a shrine of Lord Siddalingeshwara (Shiva) inside one of the caves. That is why the placeholds an attraction equally for the pilgrims and trekkers and nature lovers.
appa loosing steam.....
Siddara Betta, a wonderful tourist place near  Madhugiri, has historic significance attached to it. Siddara Betta is a Kannada expression to describe Hill of Saints. The naturally beautiful place was once home to countless Hindu Saints who preferred the place to perform sacred meditation and to obtain Nirvana. But with time, this practice gradually diminished.
Well on the top
We were five, Mom, Ravi, Vidya and Rishi, in the car started a bit late that is 10.45 in the morning, reached Tumkur at 1.30pm after having some food at Kamath on the way. We spent some time serching for the road to Siddara Betta, and eventually reached the foot of the hill at 3.00pm after passing through some villages. Climbing the steps started immediately and it was steep and I could manage three fourths of the hill and I was exhausted and I gave up. The rest continued the trek and reached the top and spent some time getting explanation about the place from a guide. It had a small Udbhava Linga temple and caves and a well in the rocks 5ft deep. 
Vidya, Ravi & Rishi....
The group came down safely at 6 pm and we started our journey back via Koratagere. We stopped over at the famous Mahalakshmi temple, Guravana Halli, had darshan and also prasada in form food (anna sambar) which was good. Thank God, there was not much crowd,,,,, otherwise, we would have spent lot of time standing in the queue.
We lost our way near Dabaspet but we were back at home at 10.30pm.
It was a pleasant trip and enjoyed.
Tueday 12 Nov 2013

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