Thursday, December 12, 2013


Mr Satish Hande, lives in Mysore and was working in AbuDhabi for many years and now settled back and is very keen in agriculture.
He is very hard working, very positive in his approach and a nice gentleman. He purchased a 7-acre uncultivated land near Mysore, 15 Km on the way to HD Kote. He developed the land with all reuqirements for agricultural produce like sugar cane, banana, tomato, chilli, brinjal, water melon and many more. He started just about 6 months or more and now doing well with problems of worms and bad seeds. However, he takes lot of interest in growing vegetables, spends the whole day taking care, watering, manuring and other related work.

We were amazed and happy to visit the farm last week, 6th Dec 2013, spent an hour, got some good vegetables without chemicals, thanked Mr Hande and his wife Usha and returned to Bangalore.
written on 13-12-13

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