Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Godess idols
The annual festival at Shri Durgaparameshwari and Veerabhadra Temple at Salekeri is what we call as SALEKERI HABBA. It normally falls February16,17 every year and people from far and near congregate at the venue to celebrate good things happening in their lives.
The temple, mostly the shrine of weaving community, Shettigars revere and beleive the Godess protects and blesses them in their life. Community members have gone far to different places in search of better jobs and greener pastures. They believe  its due to blessings of Durgaparameshwari
My father, Venkatramana Somayaji was the priest for more than 50years at the very same temple. When I was young, in those days, I used to accompany my father to assist him im performing temple rituals.
However, times have changed. The temple has seen renovation and new look with donations from various people from near and far, more people attending the festivals as a social gathering.
Met some peole saw them only in the young age. Chandrakanth Shettigar, Raghu Shettigar and few others.
Festival programs last for five days, but the main events are on 16th Feb and 17th Feb. the first day there was CHANDIKA HOMA and grand lunch and the in the night procession and carnival with God's idols carried in the PALLAKI, followed by aarti given by community members and fireworks. The next day, the idols placed in RATHA and pulled by people along the road for a distance and returned.
Lots of temporay shops arrive for two days to make a brisk business.
Written on Wednesday, 19th Feb.2014 

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