Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Saturday, 12th April 2014, after having breakfast at Umashankar's house, we set out explore and visit city of St. Louis. The first stop was at butterfly house.
The Butterfly House in Faust Park is one of the top attractions for many families and visitors. Hundreds of butterflies fill the domed conservatory, creating a tropical landscape in the heart of the Midwest.
The main attraction at the Butterfly House is the 8,000 square foot, glass-domed conservatory. The building is home to nearly 2,000 butterfies from some 80 species. The butterflies fly free among hundreds of tropical plants. 
For most visitors, it takes about 15 to 45 minutes to walk through the conservatory. In warmer months, there is also an outdoor butterfly garden to stroll through. Workers maintain the plants in the outdoor garden as a source of nectar for the butterflies.
We could spend about an hour with the butterflies flying around in the air conditioned house, and the surroundings are also well maintained..... No guys selling kadlekai, balloons etc... (Oh, it's not India)
written 16th April 2014

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