Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Entering the city
It was good Fiday morning, holiday for Raghu and Shubha, after going round Caterpillar visitor Centre in Peoria, We decided to go to Chicago. Weather forcast showed, that it was favourable, but we took a chance and reached in the evening.
with Nandini Somshekar family
We put up with a friend Somshekar apartment in the outskirts, Des Plains. Weather was chill.
The next morning, Saturday, 19th April, we left at 8.30am for the day's sightseeing.
Since Raghu has purchased online tickets for the important places to visit, our time was utilized to the maximum, without waiting in the queue.

Beautifully arranged ocean and sea species, see lions, and whales and 4-D show witnessed.
From the top of SKYDECK. Willis Tower
We went by by bus and walked to the next visiting place which was 103 storey, skyscraper, earlier known as Sear's Tower. Lot of crowd, lines and it was organized. Reaching 1968ft in 1 minute was amazing experience.Sitting on the glass window at that height was an experience.
LAKEFRONT WALK.... We walked a distance of more than 3 km through the lakefront walkaway got into the car...
DEVON STREET.... Another place 8 miles from dowtown, where Indian and Pakistani shops, groceries and hotls are in plenty, We also had masala dosa costing $8.00 (Rs500/-)  in Udupi hotel, not very tasty and too costly.
DOWNTOWN CHICAGO... Stayed in a friend's apartment on the 25th floor. The view from the apartment is beautiful.
BEAN - MILLENNIUM PARK.... walking down the road, we come to millenium park, reflecting dome is the main attraction and a huge open air auditorium.
with Tejaswini-Madhwaraj
Chicago has become a global city, a thriving center of international trade and commerce, and a place where people of every nationality come to pursue the American dream.
As Chicago grew, its residents took heroic measures to keep pace. In the 1850s, they raised many of the streets five to eight feet to install a sewer system – and then raised the buildings, as well. Unfortunately, the buildings, streets and sidewalks were made of wood, and most of them burned to the ground in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871
written on 22nd April 2014

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