Thursday, April 10, 2014


House entrance and Garage
Living houses in Peoria, Illinois, USA are quite comfortable. It is not built of cement, sand and bricks but made of prefabricated walls, heat proof and floors are either carpeted or wooden floorings.
Since the cold is extreme, there is heating system in-built in the basement, along with space for workouts and any other indoor games.

There is also fireplace in the corner which provides necessary heat when the outside temperature goes extreme,

Kitchen with all modern facilities including hot and cold water to the washing sink, double walled fridge, micro oven \, dish washer and washing machine. Kitchen also fitted with built-in cupboards.


The car garage has automatic opening and closing door system fitted, which can be operated with remote control fitted in the car.
The group of houses called David's Court, has no security or entrance gates. The residents drive in to the housing complex, open the garage door from the remote switch and close it by remote.
Each house has a garbage bin provided by the civic authorities, which cleared once in a week.

The letter boxes provided for each house are placed together.
The backyard and the surroundings of the houses have green grass, well maintained.
The area also has a neighborhood park, which has a pond, children's play area and tennis courts.
written on Thursday, 10th April 2014

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