Monday, April 28, 2014


The two days, weekend Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th of April 2014, mostly spent in visiting Indian Temples around New Jersey. Our host at Edison, Mrs Nagalakshmi Nagarj was very enthusiastic to show around the place and we were very supportive. The visits started early morning 5.30am from Edison
1. SRI KRISHNA  VRINDAVAN EDISON: Established by Shri Sugunendra Thirtha Swamiji of Udupi Puttige mutt in 2002. A church building and the premises was acquired and converted into temple, priests from Udupi are appointed to perform the daily routine. Sri Yogendra young chief priest appears to be very dedicated and scholarly. Since it was Dwadashi day, early morning pooja rituals, for which we were present. After the pooja and mangalarathi, thiratha, there was grand feast (oota), sumptuous meal at 7.30am
2. SRINGERI SHARADAMBA TEMPLE, STROUTSBORG: PENNYSYLVANIA; About 100miles from Edison, on a beautiful highway, Mrs Nagalakshmi drove to the place in about an hour 20 minutes. We also had the company of Akshatha, d/o Janardhan, old friend from Dubai, now settled in New Jersey.
The temple is in the woods had deity SHRI SHARADAMBA, beautiful idol and new one near the old establishment is a beautiful architecture building, aesthetic and neat and clean. There was also lunch in the form of prasadam served.
3. SRI VENKATESHWARA (BALAJI) TEMPLE, BRIDGEWATER, NJ: About 20 miles from Edison, in a beautiful location of Bridgewater County, Tirupathi Balaji Temple is established. In a beautiful building, many deities are established to cater for all devotees. Pooja rituals are performed by trained and learned personnel, caters to needs of the devotees.
4. SHRI GURUVAAYOORAPPAN TEMPLE (SHRI KRISHAJI MANDIR) MorganVille, about 20 miles from Edison also has Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji) as the main deity and Ayyapan and other Gods.
The temple has immaculate building, clean and well maintained, attracts lots devotees, especially on weekends. Tamil priests perform pooja rituals with devotion and dedication.
written Monday 28th April 2014

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