Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Outside view of Temple

There is a Hindu temple in the woods of Peoria, Illinois, USA, in a large area of land. The temple is like a auditorium, and on the stage  a number of marble idols of hindu Gods and Godesses and kept in a nicely decorated "Mantapa"........
People who come to witness the pooja function either squat on the carpet on the stage or sit on the chairs in the auditorium.

Devotees go on the stage, worship their idols of God/Godesses, come round and exit. There is also large parking place, as people coming there can only reach by cars.
Tuesday, 8th April, Ramanavami day and there was pooja, bhajans, mangalaarathi and prasadam (kosambari and paanaka).
There are two priests from India (Obviously!), they were from Karnataka, Kannada speaking.
There was no entrance, but pooja, archana was $25.00
Tissues were given before theertham was served.
It was SRIRAMA-SEETHA KALYANOTSAVA......  and the feeling was like wedding function.
Written on Wednesday 9th April, Davids Court, Peoria

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