Thursday, April 24, 2014


Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple, Aurora, Illinois, is about 30 miles from downtown Chicago, an hour's drive. On Sunday, April 20, on our way back from Chicago to Peoria, we visited the temple, and it was evening 7.30. The temple had main entrance from the road, ample parking and magnificient view from a distance, also due to evening lighting.
Ground floor is restaurant, gift shop,  from where we could go upstairs to shrines  where darshana of deities. The place is absolutely neat and clean, carpeted and beautiful. All deities have lot of charm and attractions.
Padmasri M.Muthiah Sthapathy, a noted expert on temple construction in India collaborated with Sri Subhash Nadkarni, a reputed architect of Chicago and a devotee of Balaji, and together they designed the temple in 1985.on a 20 acres pf land. 
This design is an excellent blend of ancient Shilpa shastra and modern architectural technology. This design also served as a model for other temples that were built later in the United States. A unique feature of the temple is provision for circumambulation (pradakshina) inside the temple not only around the presiding deity, but around all the major shrine.
Written Thursday, 24th April at Peoria

es inside the temple.

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