Tuesday, April 8, 2014


On a Saturday morning 5th April  we left for a trip to IOWA state to visit a relation. The place is Ames, IOWA state......  a distance of 300 miles from Peoria on a inter-state highway. The drive was superb and boring as the stretches of road are straight and monotonous. It was 4 and half hours non-stop drive, though we stopped over for loo after 2 hour drive. The GPS facility is excellent device where a traveler can can find the location without missing the spot.

Visit and lunch at Sanjeev and Veena  family..... nice lunch prepared by Veena and we enjoyed the food and house kept neat and clean. 5-year oldTejasi is their little daughter, very cute and affectionate

The city of AMES has the following university with beautiful campus.   

Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Iowa State is an international university with a friendly welcoming personality. Students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries come to Ames, Iowa, to choose from100 majors, study with world-class scholars and hone their leadership skills in 800-plus student organizations. Iowa State offers a great environment where students can enjoy reaching their potential and discovering their passions.
Ada Hayden Heritage Park and lake
Ada Hayden Heritage Park is located on the far north side of Ames and along US 69. The park is the former site of Hallet's Quarry and is named in honor of Ada Hayden. She was the first woman to receive a doctorate from the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, now known as Iowa State University. Part of the park area was formerly owned by Ada's parents and this area was her playground during her childhood days, and an outdoor laboratory for her classes in botany and ecology during her college career.

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