Tuesday, April 8, 2014


7th April..... it's windy and chill...... even then with sweater and jackets decided to walk to a nearby park, a distance about a mile, in the beautiful residential area. The houses are spread apart, lot of space in between, some houses have private barbaque and children play area behind their houses.
There are also walking trail in between the house and the road. In front of each house has a letter box, a garbage bin, neatly placed.
Walking along these houses, we reached the park area which has a pond with ducks swimming and enjoying and a children play area, where few parents were spending their time with their children.
The most striking part of the visit was hardly anyone around, roads, park,  all appear no one, contrary to what we see in India...... people, people,,,,,, and the litter every where.....
Tuesday, 08 April

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  1. lovely place around the pond , clean water and ducks swimming in the pond..beautiful atmosphere...njoyed it very much..
    nicely written....