Thursday, May 22, 2014


The US tour for going round for visiting places, including visiting friends and relations was planned by Raghu, Shubha and ourselves. The plan finalized for travelling to East Coast from Chicago by Amtrak Rail from Bloomington, Illinois. A return flight ticket by Frontier Airlines , Chicago-Wilmington-Chicago. for Thursday 24th August and returning on Tuesday 6th May,
at Bloomington railway station
Further for West Coast trip, Chicago-Los Angeles-Chicago was booked by United Airlines for Wednesday 7th May and returning on Tuesday 20th May. The final lap of Chicago-Peoria was by bus by Peoria Charter.
in AMTRAK rail to Chicago
A total of 28 days tour has been worked out and plan was ambitious and to explore places.
The plan was in our hands to implement and with limited resources and to cover the maximum areas.
However, when we returned to Peoria on Wednesday 21st May, there was feeling of achievement, satisfaction and happiness.....
WE MADE IT................

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